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Helandros Coccinelle by Ficusish Helandros Coccinelle :iconficusish:Ficusish 0 1 Above by Ficusish Above :iconficusish:Ficusish 3 0 Solo by Ficusish Solo :iconficusish:Ficusish 0 0 Lilac by Ficusish Lilac :iconficusish:Ficusish 3 3 Graffiti by Ficusish Graffiti :iconficusish:Ficusish 3 1
A Dreamer
In a world of grey, and white where everything's the same
Cold, blank faces roam the streets, an army of undead
Here there are no dreams to dream, and no goals for you to reach
Just plain white walls to stare at and the constant hum of static.
The people fear the outside –its color and its sheen
The new ideas, opportunity, hope, love and emotion
They choose to run away and ignore what it is new to them
Neglecting to see the future they could have if they just take one step.
But you are not ignorant nor as lifeless as them
You see the color for what it is; a place much better than this.
So you take a step on to the path to this world, a step into the unknown
In hopes of finding what life really holds and where it wants you to go.
:iconficusish:Ficusish 1 3
Writer's Block
I am stuck in a box, an impenetrable fortress that blocks fresh light
It slowly chokes and constricts and kills of my mind
I am banging, pounding, crying out for help
For anything that's able to tear down these walls
So I may finally breathe a new breath of air
Not the stale, dead sort that I am stuck with here.
But the walls are too thick; they have built up over the years
So I remain in this dark and lonely place
Listening to only my voice as it reverberates
Unable to think, unable to dream
Of what it must be like to walk outside of this box
To live a life outside of here.
:iconficusish:Ficusish 1 2
Old Friends
In the back of a closet
Under a dark, dusty bed
Stuffed in a box with the rest of your friends
The ones that shared endless tea parties and bedtime snuggles with you.
Almost never-ending.
Through the years your best friend grew older and changed
You were replaced with makeup, cell phones, and video games
She stuffed you away like what you had was nothing
As if the times you comforted her weeping body
And watched over while she slept meant nothing,
Just an old memory of childhood dreams.
:iconficusish:Ficusish 0 0
Ice Queens
Two young white flowers have bloomed in the night
Bringing with them pale powder and a new glowing light
Frozen breezes that send shrill shivers down your spine
And a world so new that's both yours and mine.
From the petals of one rises a pale regal girl
With a shimmering dress and stunning string of pearl
And eyes that shine a brilliant green, wherever she walks
The snowflakes seem to follow as if she were their queen.
From the other comes an entirely different creature
One not as carful with jet black hair as a feature
Wearing just a t-shirt and dark colored jeans
Her eyes burn like a shark's starving for feed.
As they stand side by side the snow seems to wake
The wind picks up and trees begin to shake
The onyx haired girl with a scowling face
Thrusts a single hand out throwing snow all over the place
The frail girl giggles and winks with a twinkling eye
Then gracefully signals the storm to die.
:iconficusish:Ficusish 0 0
With tainted tongues and crooked minds
You predators stalk the weaker minds
Poking and prodding at their smallest defects
And scarring victims who don't protest.
Using wicked lies and cold remarks
Crafted to pierce and destroy pure hearts
You play your games and always win
Repeating, replaying, reusing the same strategies
And over
And over again.
But today the fun has come to an end
With a broken girl, gun, and cold dead head
A decision that life may be better after death
A pull of a trigger, a blast, and
Eternal relief at last.
You were once this girl with the worn mind
The big, wide smile and bright blue eyes
The silent one left out from the rest
Not a care in the world, yet different from the rest.
But the tables turned and you were suddenly on top
You cast out the girl without second thought
Shot whispers in her ears, threatening her with a knife
And as she bursts out in tears you told her to get a life.
With blood shot eyes, and pale damp cheeks
Feeling sick to the stoma
:iconficusish:Ficusish 0 1
Foxx by Ficusish Foxx :iconficusish:Ficusish 0 4 Ocean Storm by Ficusish Ocean Storm :iconficusish:Ficusish 2 0


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United States
If you're wondering, I'm Maverick SHINee (16544) on Horse Phenomena.

Ello children. The name is Ficusish pronounced ficus-ish.
I'm a random girl who's stuck in the wonderful place we call high school.


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